• NYSTX enters Partnership with Microsoft

    NYSTX and Microsoft to join forces to accelerate the growth of Security Tokens.

  • SEC approves Security Token Offerings

    The SEC requires all Security Token Offering to be registered as a security or an exempt.

  • NYSTX enters Partnership with Amazon

    NYSTX to partner with Amazon Web Services as part of its insutiotional grade trading and issuance platform.

  • NYSTX enters Partnership with Google

    NYSTX will utilize Google cross platform architecture to offer best available solutions.

Security Token Industry Pioneer

As an industry Pioneer, NYSTX is setting the standard for the financial industry transformation into a standardized, fully transparent and immutable system. Based on years of research and development, we are focused on building the next generation institutional grade, trading and issuance platform, at the highest technological and cybersecurity standards.

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Security Tokens

  • Better liquidity for your Assets
  • Fully Transparent and Immutable
  • Full Compliance for regulators
  • Excellent Settlement time
  • Build strong trust with investors
  • Programmable Assets
  • Asset backed Security Tokens

Enter the biggest revolution in US finance

Security tokens are digital securities for various asset classes, Equity, Debt, Real Estate, Commodities, Derivatives and others. Security tokens enable huge savings in trading costs and can be held directly by the investors, without any intermediaries such as brokers or banks

In simple words, tokenization can turn almost any asset, either real or virtual, into a digital, security backed token and enables the digital transfer, ownership and storage for simplified trading and issuance.

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Made in the USA

Located in the heart of the financial district of New York City, NYSTX is a true American leader, set to revolutionize US financial markets. We take pride in reshaping the world's largest capital markets, and we are committed to the highest standards, in full compliance with Securities and Exchange Commission laws, regulations, directives and guidance. We strive to offer our customers with an institutional grade US regulated security token exchange.


Our combined market is estimated in over $1.7 Quadrillion. As an industry pioneer, NYSTX is proud to take part in writing the history of US finance, making it trustworthy, fair and transparent.

$1.7 Quadrillion

Quadrillion stands for 1000 Trillions, or 1,000,000 of Billions

  • Accessible to 4.3 billion users worldwide
  • A true unified solution
  • The best available Security Token platform


$70 Trillion


$215 Trillion


$575 Trillion


$250 Trillion

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Join the world's most advanced, most secured Security Token trading and issuance platform. We enable our investors to get up to date information on the latest offerings. Register to the largest global investor network and explore the latest investment opportunities, all in one platform. Join the Security Token Revolution.

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NYSTX accepts applications from Qualified companies to raise capital using our New York and global investor network. New York is by far the largest capital market in the world. By conducting your Security Token Offering in New York you can maximize your capital raise and receive better terms than anywhere in the world.

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