Security Tokens are the future of finance

Security Tokens

Security Tokens are digital securities which are regulated by the SEC. Unlike traditional Securities, Security Tokens are held in Investor's private Wallets. That means that those Securities are in full control of the Investor and not are held by intermediaries such as banks etc.

Global Investor pool

All Records are saved

Stored in the Blockchain

Approved Worldwide

Automatic payouts

Fully Encrypted

100% of the stocks and bonds trading on Wall Street today COULD be tokenized, and in five years, 100% of the stocks and bonds on Wall Street WILL be tokenized Robert Greifeld (Former Chairman & CEO of @Nasdaq)


General questions

What is a Security Token ?
A security token represents traditional, private or public security interest. It could represent a share in a company, an LP interest in a fund or a trust, a real estate property or a member share in an LLC.
What is a Security Token Offering ?
A Security Token Offering is the sale of security tokens to US or international investors.
Is it legal to issue Security Tokens ?
Absolutely Yes! Issuing a Security Token is regulated based on the SEC regulations, either by a registered public or private offering or an exempt.
How can I issue a Security Token ?
To issue a new Security Token please start your application here.
What is the SEC Regulation ?
On March 7, 2018, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) published a new report regarding the state of cryptocurrency assets and the potential risks for investors. The report states that some ICOs, digital assets, and cryptocurrencies must be classified as “securities”, and the term security token was born to represent a legal form of an asset backed security represented by a token.
Why the SEC is concerned ?
The SEC is concerned that different parties could conduct illicit or fraudulent trading through cryptocurrencies that are not asset backed and therefore do not provide any guarantee to investors. We highly encourage not to invest in cryptocurrencies and to invest only in SEC regulated Security Tokens.
What about new Issuance of Security Tokens ?
Issuance of new Security Tokens or Security Token Offerings (STO) are legal and compliant if they are issued according to SEC regulations. Issuing a new Security Token requires great knowledge and it is highly recommended to work with a proficient issuance partner. Offers are required to register with the SEC or exempted.
Can I issue a Utility Token to avoid SEC requirements ?
No - SEC have filled several lawsuits against companies looking to avoid working according to SEC regulations. We highly not recommend working without strict compliance of the SEC regulations.
What is the difference between regular securities and Security Tokens ?
A Security Token or tokenized security is where an asset has its ownership structure managed by a blockchain, including units of ownership represented as digital shares/tokens (instead of paper share certificates). In Security Tokens, the investors holds their "securities" of Security Tokens in their encrypted wallets.
Why use Security Tokens ?
Security tokens enables a new generation capital formation and fundraising, and will be used to tokenize the trillions of dollars of global assets (real estate, debt, equity and many other asset classes). Security Tokens can help companies, in all sizes, to raise capital by new Security Token Offerings (STOs), and improve liquidity of existing assets such as real estate, equity and debt.